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Anybody with a good idea to do a top ambient room light set up that is as flat as possible, but still easy to control? Normally I use China balla or kino flos, where the main light source comes from the windows.


Thank you,

Henrik A. Meyer



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My favorite thing to do, if you are shooting relatively tight, or will not be seeing the ceiling in the frame, is to tack up a large peice of Bleached or Unbleached muslin (depending on how warm you want the amient light) and bounce a flood or 2 into it.

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Lekos are good for ceiling bounce. The focussed beam doesn't spill all over the place, so you don't have to blackwrap the crap out of it like you might other units. Also you can use the shutters to hit a specific shape on the ceiling from across the room, or just to change the size of your beam for more/less intensity out of the bounce without dimming and making it warmer. Might need a couple in a big room as they are only 750w max. If you rent them, make sure the rental house has edison connectors on them rather than 20A bates, or that they come with 20A bates to edison adapters.


Also you can tape duvatyne teasers onto the ceiling to hang down around your bounce and flag it off the walls. Cut them longer than you think (to hang down lower) because you can always roll them up higher and clip it.

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Sounds good, thanks. I actually use the Leko a lot now, and I agree they do a great job and are fast and easy to use:-).


Thanks, the wall bounce is also good idea. I normally use bounce board and Leko together on the sides, so I can angle the light direction a little bit.





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