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Matt McGrath

Schneider cine lux anamorphic problem.

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I Recently lent out my schneider anamorphic lens, they took it apart to clean (against my wishes) and sent it back.

I decided to use it with my canon 550d and it looked really weird, it wouldn't focus as well as it did and there were some weird diagonal streaks on the image.


I'm new to anamorphic photography so I'm not sure how to repair it but I think it is something to do with the rear element placement.


Could anyone please shed some light on the issue?


Many thanks.

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With anamorphic lenses the anamorphic elements (the ones with cylindrical curvature rather than spherical) need to be perfectly aligned in their azimuth, ie in the plane of their horizontal compression. Any rotational misalignment and you get what you're seeing. Even the tiniest misalignment can dramatically reduce sharpness. Without professional optical tools it can be tricky and time-consuming to re-align them properly, almost impossible if there are more than 2 misaligned anamorphic elements.


If the person who "cleaned" it only removed one anamorphic element, say the front or rear one, then it will just be a case of needing to rotate it so it lines up optically with the rest of the lens. You'd need to check it on a camera or projector each time you make an adjustment.


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Thanks for the reply.

Thats what I was planning to do but didn't want to mess it up further so thats nice to hear.
So essentially I'm having to turn the rear element in very small increments and test it with a camera until it is all good again.


Needless to say I'm not lending that lens to anyone unless I'm on set.

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To agree Dom answer.

Your lens have front or rear position of anamorphic components ?

The anamoprhic components focusable ? or Optical schematic with compensator block ?


The any, full optical schematic anamorphic prime or zoom lens included anamorphic components and spherical optical block.

The spherical optical block must be collimated as of spherical lens.

The anamorphic components must be collimated on horizontal and vertical axis.

The anamorphic components collimating ask of special eqipments.


You can find a some anamorphic lens collimating problems on



you can find more information about russian LOMO anamorphic lenses too.


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