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Josie Baynes

Film Stock Suggestions - Kodak 250T vs 500T for outdoors location

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To all those film stock experts!


I have just started learning about film stock at film school BUT we are shooting our first short films soon and need some extra help!


I am planning to shoot my film outside at an oval - Potentially simulating sunset for most of the shoot and I was wondering what the best film stock to use would be!


I really want to make the most of sunset and dusk, creating beautiful silhouettes etc. My teacher is saying go with 500T, but it could be grainy when shooting later.


What do others think?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Josie,


Being that it's outdoors, I would go with Vision3 250D. If you use 500T outdoors you will need to use an 85 filter or else you'll be doing a lot of correction in post. Vision3 500T is far more grainy than 250D and with an 85 filter it would be rated at 320. So, no real advantage to shooting 500T outdoors. The ideal for outdoors is Vision3 50D. But, seeing as you'll be working with sunsets I'm not sure if your speed will be fast enough with 50D. I would advise setting your scene with all your equipment and doing some test metering especially since you'll want to establish your desired aperture and try to rate your film to it rather than the other way around. With 50D you'll probably end up wide open or close to it.

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250D is a good choice for this, and not much different from 500T in terms of speed (1 stop).

What I would do is start out shooting with some ND on it to keep a constant aperature, and as you go have your ACs ready to pull it all off.

You'll loose light pretty quick, and you should really just pop outside and meter during a sunset/dusk to see what you may need as you'll quickly find yourself WFO and praying.

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I agree with the 250D . just make the most of your shoot as i am afraid very,very soon you wont be able to shoot film ! and if you can will find it hard to find a lab to process it . I am in UK where is film and more so labs are going so fast .

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If you're in the US you're likely safe for at least the next 5 years or so. Even if film production stops (which I doubt) processing will still be available because of all the unused film sitting in freezers around the world. It will just get progressively more and more expensive.

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