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Robert Lewis

Zeiss 10-100mm lens: Can one mounted in an Arri blimp be used on an Arri SR camera?

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Can anybody advise please?


I am wondering if a Zeiss 10-100mm zoom lens fitted in an Arri BL blimp can be used on an Arriflex SR camera fitted with an Arri Bayonet mount? The lens fitted with the BL blimp appears to have an Arri Bayonet fitted, but I am not sure whether the lens in the blimp will mount on to the SR camera, or whether the blimp has to be removed (assuming it is possible to do that without difficulty). In this regard, is removing the blimp difficult?


Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes the blimped Zeiss 10-100 T3,3s for ARRI 16BL can be removed from the blimp and used on ARRI SR 1 and 2s with bayonet mount. Beware though that you´ll never get it back into the blimp, so think twice before you do it!


Removing the blimp isn´t that difficult, it´s screwed on from the outside using 'screwheads' that have two holes in them, much like the back of a wristwatch. Using the correct tool is of course ideal, but if this is to be done only once, putting the prongs of a pair of fine pliers in the holes and turning counterclockwise will do it. If memory serves there are 4 of these. They are rubber shock-mounts on the inside of the blimp, holding the zoom.


The blimp is one of he reasons why the 16BL is so wonderfully bulletproof :) I,ve seen them take falls no Aaton XTR would ever survive...


I assume you have only a blimped Zeiss zoom and an ARRI SR body and want to combine them? Because if you have a well maintained BL, don´t expect this procedure to result in much improved image quality regarding what ends up on your negative; it´s the same lens and image steadiness is about the same on both these cameras. A well maintained BL is about as 'quiet' (noisy) as an SR1, but of course this requires a clear glass in front of the lens and that can sometimes knock the image quality very slightly.

Great work has been accomplished with the BLs, a couple of Bergman-productions for instance.


The SR is less bulky of course, and has the orientable viewfinder.



Hope this helps :)



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Thank you very much for your advice, Lars.


Yes it would be a "one-way" move, in that I have the chance of getting a Zeiss 10-100 lens for my Arriflex SRII camera, but it did appear to me that the lens installed in the blimp might not fit on to the the camera mount. It looks like the blimp requires more space around the camera mounting than a normal bayonet mount lens requires, but I could be wrong about that. That is why I wanted to know whether, if that is the case, I could get over the problem by removing the blimp.


I appreciate your advice, and I will think it over some more. I am slightly uncomfortable about departing from original condition with such things.



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The SR doesn't need the lens blimp to make it quiet and can't accommodate it. But the lens will fit the SR.

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