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New - Internal ND filter for BMCC MFT & BMCPC, Crowdfunding

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Hi everyone,


How would you like to have internal variable ND filters on your Micro Four Third camera?

Right now there is a FundedByMe.com campaign (Swedish version of kickstarter.com) to raise funds for the HolyManta VND, the first lens adapter ever with a built-in variable ND filter. I created this adapter out of frustration over how fiddly, time-consuming and awkward it was to use external screw on filters. Ever since I created the first prototype, I can't stop using it, and I can't stop filming because it is soo much more fun now.

Please show your support here:
http://fundedbyme.com/projects/1740/hol ... -adapters/

Also, you can find more information on the adapter at http://www.holymanta.com

/Thomas Läräng, founder of HolyManta



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Behind the lens circular pola stacked with a linear - focus issues ?


Hi Chris, thank you for the response,


I did a testplan long ago on the focus issue on for example 85mm at f1.4. The focus is shifted minimaly past infinity, so focusing on infinity is no problem thanks to very thin filters.


Best regards


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