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Short documentary film about a motorcycle build, film maker needed

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I'll be brief, i'm essentially looking for a film making graduate that might be interested in making a short film documentary about a motorcycle build.

I belong to a partnership of 5 motorcycle enthusiasts in Camden Town that share a workshop and reinvent vintage motorcycles.

The aim of this next project is to take a Triumph Bonneville from 2008, strip it down and reinvent it... this time as a classic motorcycle.
That is to say, a motorcycle with character.

The workshop is located underground underneath an old artist's studio.

The two people building the bike will consist of myself (Raoul) and the client (JT). Were both in our mid twenties and work full time.

The idea behind the documentary is to capture drama and energy of building a custom motorcycle in the spirit of Matt Machine ().

First of all I should make it clear that the project will not be paid.
As film maker you will be given total control over the film making and given full credit.

It is quite simply an opportunity for you to make a unique short film.

Dates available (between end of May and beginning of June 2013).

If you are interested, then please drop me an email at r.mooyaart@gmail.com and we'll meet for a coffee.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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