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Alun Matthews

Cinematography, Then and Now

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Hi there,


I am currently creating a research project for my final piece at university on the evolution of the cinema camera and how cinematographers deal with the ever changing technology. In particular the transition from 35mm celluloid to digital.


I am looking for people who have worked with film stock and digital and wish to answer a set of questions I have prepared. The questions below have been sent out to various D.O.P's and also camera companies such as Arri, RED and Panasonic.


  1. During your time in the film industry, what do you believe to be the main changes in the technology used, especially in regards to the shift from celluloid to digital?
  2. What do you think the benefits are of digital cameras?
  3. Do you feel celluloid is dead? If so, do you feel moving away from celluloid is a good idea? If not, then why do you think this?
  4. What do you prefer yourself, celluloid or digital? Please explain your as detailed as possible.
  5. When you started out in the industry what camera were you using? How does this compare to what you are using now?
  6. Do you feel the digital age of cameras has opened the door to younger filmmakers due to the technology being cheaper?


On top of asking D.O.P's themselves, I also want to open these questions up to various forums and find out what the community thinks in regards to celluloid vs digital. If any of you would like to answer the questions above (you dont need to answer all of them if you dont want to) then that would be brilliant and I would be very grateful.


Also, if any of you have any other points that you wish to make in regards to the evolution of the cinema camera then please feel free to comment.


Thank you for your time.



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Those are incredibly general questions which invite either huge essays in response, which most people won't be willing to do, or alternatively very general answers! You could probably find quotes from influential and well-known people on most of these subjects just by looking around the web, if that's all you need.



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