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Beautiful Arri 16 Fiberglass Blimp for 16S or 16M For Sale

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I'm selling my very rare Arriflex 16 Fiberglass Blimp. This is for use with either a 16S or a 16M and and mounting plates for both are included.


This was purchased a few years ago from forum member Tim Carroll who also ran the great website www.arri16s.com. Tim did a beautiful job of restoring this gorgeous piece of filmmaking history.


The lens pictured is not included. The 16M camera and mag is not included, although they are for sale separately (see separate listing). They are in these photos only to demonstrate how a camera would fit inside the blimp. I also am separately selling a Tobin TXM-22A motor that would go very well with this blimp. The blimp's shutter advance knob seems just a few mm too short to reach the Tobin's knob, so you may want to fashion an extension on the rubber knob that reaches toward the motor on the inside of the blimp.

One of the two latches is broken on the wooden shipping case but everything made it to me ok with that broken and it's always held shut firmly enough with just the one latch. Also, the power cable that connects a 12V battery (4-pin Cannon) to the outside of the blimp will need to be rewired if you intend to use the blimp for anything besides decoration. This cable provides power for the camera inside to run, as well as power for the interior lightbulbs so you can push buttons and see things inside like the fps tachometer. The cable was just old and brittle and started melting in one spot (a couple of photos are included). The connectors both look fine, so I would guess a technician could make you a replacement cable or two. I just haven't had time to get that done. The seals on the two doors (the top magazine door and the side camera body door) don't seem quite as tight as they were a few years ago so that may be one other thing to have checked if you intend to use it for the purpose it was designed. When I first got this from Tim, it did an amazing job of silencing a very noisy 16S, but I have not tested it recently.

The thought that went into the intricate design of this blimp is really impressive. It is in excellent condition. I would love to keep this as decoration for my apartment but I'm moving and I know I just won't have space, so I'm selling it.

$800 O.B.O.

Please send me a PM if interested. It's available to see in West Hollywood through Saturday. If that's too soon, I can coordinate another time for you to check it out. For convenience, preference will be given if there is a buyer in the LA area who will pick up in person and pay cash.


Thanks for looking!



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