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Rudy Velez Jr

Kinor 16mm

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Can anyone share any experiences they have had with shooting on Kinor 16mm camera, all models welcome CX 1M, 2M, 3M.


What lenses? Overall how was the shoot and how was the quality of images captured?

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I got one 2m before it was stollen.

Rock steady image. Very good lens (10/100) but no matter to try other brand lenses, until you change the mount.

Quite quiet, not silent.

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Kinor-16 SX series of cameras - russian professional 16 mm cinema cameras.

Kinor-16 SX-1M - turret version of Kinor-16 SX cameras with sert of prime lenses from 10 mm up to 75 mm lens. 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm can be at special order.


Kinor-16 SX-

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Kinor-16 SX-2M -one lens mount version, Shutter disk with fixed angle.

can have lenses at set:

16 OPF-1-2M 12-120 mm, wide angle 10 mm

16 OPF-1-2M 12-120 mm, with 0,75 x front attachment ( 10-100 mm )


16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm, wide angle 6 mm

16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm with 0.75 x front attachment 7,5-75 mm


Kinor-16 SX-3M - similar of Kinor-16 SX-2M with 16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm zoom lens.


the prime lenses can be from 6 mm up to 300 mm.

can be upgrade to Arri Pl lens mount, to Super 16 film gate.


The claw mechanism have registration pin.


the motor can be " classic " 29EPSS, analog system of speed stabilization, 25 fps, can be re-adjust on 24 fps.

Pilot Signal sync sound recorder synchronization.

Can be upgrade to multi speed, crystal sync speed, with digital film counter version.


Special edition can have 10EP-16 APK motor, crystal sync speed, 24/25 fps,

Russian old chips electronic, complex,


For crystal sync speed upgrade, " classic " 29EPSS motor better.


Film magazines 30 m ( 100 ft ) and 120 m ( 400 ft ).


the detailed technical information can be find on my web pages :


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Thanks Philippe!


Do you think you can add the Kinor CX-2M, to your awesome blog?

Hi Rudy,

Why not ? But my blog "philosophy" is about two cheap and sturdies cameras. And K3 and Filmo are very little expensive... Moreover they have spring motor and this is the point.

the Kinor is actually pretty cheap, but the specialist of this camera is, by far, Olex. The focus of my blog is rather to gather all the helpful tips and small practical ideas, such as which is for the K3, to focus very close by simply unscrewing the objective ...



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