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Roman Bugovskiy

Car Rig Suggestions

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Hey folks,


I'm looking to get some advice on car rigs. I'm starting a job in September that calls for tons of car shots so I'd like to see what are some of the best solutions out there. The show will be shot on a Sony f5 with Cooke primes, to give you an idea for weight and size.


I was told that SSE Universal Car Mount is the best and easiest to work with. As I've never had any personal experience with it, I would like to get a second opinion before I take the plunge. Has anybody done a job with this rig and how good or bad is it?


I was also looking at Mathews Car rigs, they seem quite good also.


Any input from experienced grips would be greatly appreciated



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The SSE rig looks alright ... the Mathews one is horrible. Are you planning on doing the rigging yourself or do you have a Grip ?

The easiest part of rigging is getting the gear. The critical part is getting someone who knows what to do with it.

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I will be rigging myself but have a month to prep so i will have lots of time to get really familiar with the rig and getting it set up on the car.


Is there anything better i should be looking at?

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Most experienced Grips use gear that has evolved out of the fact that none of the off the shelf stuff really works well.

Most good Grips make a lot of the components themselves, or buy from other Grips who have made gear.

Having said that, Tevor Faber from Griptech Australia makes a pretty usable system, straight out of the box.

It is way better than the 2 mentioned here.

Stay away from the Mathews gear. It really is bad.

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Make sure the production has insurance; maybe use GoPros. If your looking to the Internet for advise on how to rig real cameras to cars you probably shouldn't be the one doing it.


Lots of variables and very easy for things to go bad.


I hope you don't hurt anyone...

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