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M Van Michaels

Canon 814 xl-s noise levels

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I am preparing to shoot a feature on Super 8mm with sound- (for budget reasons I am unable to use 16mm) and am considering using a Canon 814 xl-s. However, I recently purchased two Nizo 6080s on ebay which arrived with "unexpected mechanical problems" and may be costly to repair. I know the Nizo's are a quiet camera- (even with a cartridge loaded of course) however, I as I consider the Canon, I am wondering if anyone can offer a comparison, "noisewise" of the two? Thank you-


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I have always found the 814 and 1014 XL-S to be amazingly quiet cameras. I really can't see how it could be any more quiet. They are probably half as loud as the 814 and 1014 AZ models.


FYI that in the long run of your budget you may find that 16mm isn't that much more expensive. With processing costs about the same per minute and a good quality spirit transfer at Video and Film Solutions possibly being slightly less than a good HD/2K transfer of Super 8, you might not spend all that much more. The cost of the film itself is greatly reduced as well if you purchase 400ft loads direct from Kodak.

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Well, ouch on your Nizos but never buy from eBay expecting success. It's a crapshoot.


The belt driven Nizos are absolutely quiet, far more than the Canon 814 XL-S. But to me the 814 and 1014 XL-S are quieter than any non-Nizos. But they will STILL be loud. Very loud and you might find that shooting 16mm makes more sense when you factor in post production, a sound mix, etc.Your Super8 cameras will have to be crystal synced or you will have no chance of a successful sound mix in post. It would be a disaster.


Message me and I can hook you up with a trusty repair person.

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Braun Nizo 6080s are an absolute pain to recondition and repair, at least most of the time. I only know this as I've now managed to repair six out of the ten cameras so far attempted, in about nine months of trying and I have four more now to attempt to possibly repair - http://twitpic.com/cy454r .


It takes what seems like forever to fiddle about with them and if you find any major issues with the circuit board then it's really all over for them. Saying that, I can sort-out about 75% of the electrical and mechanical problems encountered but some sound Nizo cameras are simply beyond any form of cost-effective repair. Which is a great shame but they just become "spare parts".


The Canon 814 / 1014 XL-S cameras are quite quiet but the 6080 is certainly far, far quieter.

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If you listen closely you can hear the cameras quite a lot in this. Great little film and astounding Scott could pull it off. But he did. Just remember... They planned planned planned and then planned some more.

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