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I am seeking some advice/input on the possibility of developing Super 8 Tri X film at home using the Caffenol C-H recipe. I am experienced in developing 35mm Tri-X Negative film (for still photos) using this recipe and have gotten results that I am happy with.


I am looking to shoot some Tri-X Super 8 film which I know is reversal. Say I am only looking to get a negative, would my same process (wash, dev, stop, fix, rinse, wash, dry) for still 35mm Tri X work with Super 8? Will I get a useable negative? Could I stuff the film into my 20 oz developing tank that I use for my 35mm rolls? Or would I need to buy something a bit bigger?





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HI Chris,

yes, and yes.

you can use the same process as you do for your 35mm - if it works for that it will work for super 8 tri-x.

you can stuff the film in the little 35mm tank. Bear in mind that in doing so, the film won't come out perfectly developed. There will be parts of the film that were touching each other that wont develop, and there will be some scratches where wet emulsion gets cut into by the edge of other parts of the film. This is the classic 'home procssed super 8' look. To get good results, you would need to buy a 15 meter Lomo tank.



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You will probably need to tweak your timings because you are cross processing reversal as neg but other than that it should work the same way.


Might be worth doing a bit at a time to work it out to start with.



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