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Dear font of knowledge - also know as users of the cinematography forum,


I am sure you have been asked this question many many times over, however I am afraid I am throwing myself upon your mercy again! I am from a small company based in London, and I have a bit of a problem.... I have 4 rolls of Kodachrome 40 film, newly shoot, sitting on my desk but with no place to go!


once I received these rolls and looked into developing them I was very quickly told that no commercial companies anywhere in the world develop these films as the chemicals used are no longer being made.. The developing house I was speaking to however said that there may be entrepreneurs and super 8 enthusiasts that may have this golden grail of chemicals and be developing their own Kodachrome 40. And who may ever so helpfully be willing to develop mine? :) – I am not sure if this is true or even possible, but if it is, please get in touch.


I have also been told/informed that Kodachrome can be developed in black and white. Has anyone done this, know of the results to expect etc etc.


I am absolutely desperate to get these films developed – and I’m hoping that someone reading this will help with my plight!


Many thanks for taking the time to read this.




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If only you could have stopped your customer from exposing it.

A DVD transfer and no refunds on a 75% chance of success for £50 plus your markup isn't a good deal. But that's their business, I suppose.

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