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Richard Weddle

3-D camera recommendations

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I'm looking for the best professional 3-D camera rig. I don't want to have build it from scratch. I'd like a rig that's already on the market, tried tested and proven. Is there such a thing? Perhaps some of you have used a 3-D hi-def camera that you can recommend?

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Hello Richard my first post which I hope helps you just a little.


I built my own Anaglyph 3D unit and attached it to a Super 8 cine camera in the late 1970's which worked quite well for what it was with red and green filters. I used a book which gave a description on how to go about it but after so many years cant remember the name of it. Anyhow it worked although probably not what you are looking for.


A few decades later I purchased a Sony HDR-TD10E 3D camcorder which I guess you can say is entry level but does produce some good 3D which I project onto a 8ft screen to view. Sony did produce other models including a semi pro HXR-NX3D1 which was far more versatile and this is the camera which would probably suit your needs.


I still have my 70's Super 8 3D films and at the time captured a good 3D record of the family along with other subjects and so really quite unique I guess.

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Over five years later.... hopefully the OP has found his answer already!


probably the OP has already transferred to Anamorphic and Large Format like people do every time the 3D tries to make comeback and fails :lol:

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