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Exporting Red Epic Anamorphic from Davinci Resolve 9 Lite

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Hi everyone

I've recently installed Davinci Resolve 9 and I'm hitting a wall.

I have footage filmed in 5k anamorphic on 2x anamorphic lenses that I've uploaded to Davinci Resolve 9. In the program I've changed the settings from "square pixel" to "cinemascope", which desqueezes the footage in Resolve. However, when I go to export the footage as Proress 422 HQ it still appears unsqueezed. I'm up for all suggestions at the moment.





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Resolve lite will only export 1080x1920 you will probably have to fit the scope picture into the 1920 width and make it 800 or 803 pixels high for a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.



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