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Super 8 choice

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I have various super 8 cameras, if i must choice only one camera.

Which one to choose? and why?


Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Synchro quartz 24/25 Beaulieu Zoom

Beaulieu 6008 S Pro Synchro quartz 24/25 6-80 Schneider Zoom

Canon 1014 XL-S



1 Single 8 Fujica ZC1000N




Thank you

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you should have sold your cameras before Kodak announced to discontinue the E100D. Since then the prices on eBay are down to 50% or less (compared to the prices in early to mid 2012).



Pro: removable lenses, quartz-sync'ed, film's ASA can be set manually; up to 80fps; integrated interval timer; ...

Contra: The Beaulieus are rumoured to break more often than other cameras; Super8

Dimensions: 87 x 157 x 298 mm

Weight: approx. 1000 g (body), 760 g (Beaulieu lens), 800 g (Schneider lens)



Pro: integrated interval timer; tons of automated features like fading...

Contra: Fixed lens; film's ASA can't be set manually; not quartz-sync'ed; max. 36fps; Super8; shutter can only be set to 150° or 220°

Dimensions: 59.5 x 113.5 x 264 mm
Weight: 1990 g (Body only), 2100 g (Including batteries)



Pro: Single8; removable lenses; up to 72fps

Contra: Single8 film is more and more difficult to buy, film's ASA can't be set manually; not quartz-sync'ed; interval timer only available as an external, optional device; only manual exposure

Dimensions: 80mm x 316mm x 120mm

Weight: 1980g (with "default lens")

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I adore super 8 since my childhood, I always used various super 8 cameras in France but I find that it is necessary to choose.
Who changes the lens on Beaulieu really!.

My zooms are not compatible (Beaulieu Zoom and 6-80 Schneider Zoom) nevertheless it is the same 6008 Pro cameras


Beaulieu 6008 :

If I use a manual lens (for example 15mm) I need a cell hand (sorry i don't know the english word). While on my Beaulieu 4008 the correct exposure can be see with the needle. In Beaulieu 6008 the orange diode is always switched on in manual exposure.


What would interest me to know knowledge it is for the sharpness, colors, facility, low light, focus

what is the best ?


I also find that Beaulieu is liked a lot, but they are often defects, more than Canon




between them and is needed a cell(unit) for hand with an objective of camera (of an other one mark(stand out)), thus which interest?
I would like to know at the level of the stability, pricked, color, facilitated.

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