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gustavo godinho

how would you guys light this classroom

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If possible, I would treat the windows into the hallway as if they were daytime windows to the exterior, though it would put a lot of lighting equipment in the hallway and it could get rather warm. Simplest thing would be to cover the windows with 1000H or 216, blast them with light from the outside and drop the blinds and crack then halfway open, then turn off the overheads and have a soft side-lit look.

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In a situation like this wouldn't it be better to use a different classroom where the sun will strike through the windows at a given hour. it seems the classroom on the right side corner is getting a considerable amount of sunlight and you can just put an HMI fresnel on a crane to augment the sunlight? Could that work?

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Sure, if you can find a classroom with real daylight windows in the daytime, especially on the ground floor, that would be ideal -- I just assumed that this classroom for a final choice. You can't rely on the real sun coming through though, it may be overcast on the shooting day or the sun may not hit that room, and it will change throughout the day.


If you want some hard light also coming through those fake classroom windows that actually go to the hall, I'd consider something like tungsten 1K Parcans with narrow spot globes, or even 1.2K firestarter Parcans, but then you couldn't paper the windows, you'd have to put some white sheets on frames outside each window, angled towards camera, and blow that out with additional light for a white view.

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shot the ad yesterday and now posting some frames: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5339/9681360605_f2c0727352_o.jpg


I was little unsecure about asking for 2 x 2.5/4k for the windows for 2 reasons: overbudget and too much power for my needs, but at the end I did. production couldn't afford, so went with 2 x 1.2k.


on the day of the shoot, the director changed his mind and decided to show the exterior, so I was unable to cover the windows with diffusers, which was good, because 1.2k wouldn't be enough to achieve the soft sun filtered through diffusion (3026/27) look when the top fluorescents were on. i think it would begin to work at 4k, what do you guys think?


conclusion: went with 2 x 1.2k with 3010 diffusion in front of each one shooting from the outside hall to the classroom windows. a third 1.2k was pointing to the outside wall (full power, no lens) to overexpose it, since it was almost dark there.


interior top fluorescents were on, for a brighter/softer look. for budget limitations, had to accept the mixed color temperatures, which was not sooo bad.


used also a kino (2 lamps with 3010) for general fill.


shot on red scarlet with canon 24-70mm and canon 35mm 1.4L








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Go with David's advice unless you are looking for a dramatic late afternoon look - in white case get a 20k hmi and blast it through the windows. Gel the windows with something like bastard amber to give it a late afternoon feel. Twist the blinds round and then add a little smoke to the room to get light rays. But this is by no means a cheap option. Alternatively wait for the sunset and bounce the sunset light in using a reflector.

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