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Randy J Tomlinson

Super16 K-3 on ebay!

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I've heard too many people's stories of K3 shoots gone wrong to recommend them. The best thing about them is they're cheap, usually not much more than $100 or $150, so this one is a bit pricey I reckon, even for a S16 conversion.


Regarding the conversion - the viewfinder doesn't cover a S16 frame completely, the wide end of the zoom won't cover it either, and even a machined out gate like this one has isn't really ideal for S16, since the left film support rail leads into and out of the expanded picture area (possible scratching) and where it has been machined out there is nothing supporting the film on that side of the gate opening (possible focus softening on one side).


But maybe I'm being picky.

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Like any camera, it's a tool, with strengths and weaknesses. It's a great cam for learning, for shooting you first short, for having fun with, for b-roll or crash cam shots. It's great to travel with, it's compact, and you can do a lot with it. But if you want to do sync sound, it's wholly unsuitable.


But it all comes down to what the project demands.

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Throw a nice Pentax m42 screw mount lens on that puppy and it will be great...for a run & gun fun stuff. Your wrist may get tired of winding it...keep an eye out for a winding assist that used to sell on eBay that clamps onto the key and makes it easier to wind the camera.

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