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I am about to shoot my year end final dialogue exercise in a month's time from now, the film has to be shot in studio space on 35mm film and sound synced. The film explores the internal conflicts of a family living in an lower middle class weared out house. It's raining or overcast in most part of the film and hence it is softly lit throughout but at the same time, I am trying to go for a higher contrast(not exactly very high) with lighting.


Now, I am looking to create contrast within the space with respect to exterior and interior by the means of lighting (avoiding a lot of fill), a soft key coming from window bounced off a white board might work. As far as film stock is concerned I am thinking of testing two stocks, Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T and Fuji Eterna 8583 400T, both to be pulled by a stop in combination with a low strength ultracontrast filter. This makes the colour desaturated and also makes the overall contrast low and blacks softer, but at the same time the contrast with respect to lighting would be higher (conventionally Key - Fill ratio will be higher).


Sugesstions would be appreciated.


Shashank Walia






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Hi Shashank,

What exactly is your question?


I'm not sure how much your description of the story calls for a high contrast look. A rainy overcast day is going to call for much more diffused, soft and gloomy light than a high-contrast thriller.


My experience with 19 stock has been great. Later in the week I'll be down in the lab to process some older 5260. 19 is a very versatile stock - very nice grain control, good shadow detail and plenty of room to push, which are all advantageous if you do decide to go the high-contrast route.

You may want to leave some of the contrast to post. It's easier to bring your black levels down than it is to try and bring your shadow levels up.

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