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Alex March

Night scene exterior

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Either you'd put a tall condor at the end of each direction you plan on shooting so you can switch to whichever would be a backlit angle -- maybe an 80' or 125' Condor with 2 12K HMI PAR's in the bucket, or one 12K HMI PAR and two 2.5K HMI PAR's on each end to hit some things to each side... or you'd get a construction crane that could arm out from the center over the water and build some sort of big soft box. Or you narrow the view of the shots to something more manageable, maybe with a smaller condor with a 6K HMI PAR for example. Of course, that's just the big backlight, you'd still probably need some lights for the foreground.

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Thanks David for your reply.

Due to my low budget, 4k is somewhat i'll go with!!!

Your suggestion was my plan before they limited my lighting!

i'm gonna go with T2-2.8, 1x4k HMI + 1x 2k HMI side by side for each side!

How you think???

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Depends on the story. If you can't afford a huge HMI then you might want to give the actors flashlights. And throw a 2k on the background and use lots of reflected flashlights in the foreground. If it is a more period or afro style give then flames, oil lamps etc. Since when do people walk around at night not holding some kind of light?! If you shoot at 1600ASA and f2 then you'll be fine.

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