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Chanon Wangtrirat

Fluorescent Lighting from TL-D Graphica 950

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I made this one for filming for many projects in University.


Before I used some typical Flo-tube which give green spike on Daylight WB (5200K on Canon DSLR).


Later on I used Osram StudioLine 55/5600. Pretty great light but some how skin tone looks a bit off and cast Magenta (actually they maybe intended to used in studio just like there name for Chroma key lighting)




The most fascinated tube for me is TL-D Graphica 950 from Philips which rated at CRI 97 with CCT 5300K.




The picture is shot on Canon 60D

DIT 4ft 2bank TL-D Graphica 950

250W 5500K HMI also DIY
ISO 250 PS : N
F4.5 1/50 WB : 5200K




Matched perfectly with Daylight and give really good skin tone. I loved this more than real Kino bulb which sometime cast Magenta as they designed for higher power rated.


Thank you.

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Philips TL-D Graphica 950 is 4ft 36W T8 tube that design to used in household fixtures. It's printing colour inspection lamp which gave very realistic colour on D50 standard.


about $20 per tube





Osram StudioLine 55/5600 use same base as Diva-lite tubes ,2G11 base


Philips also make 2ft 18W and 5ft 58W version.

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I flee in terror from $20 a tube when they're so alarmingly easy to break!


And I'd need 16 tubes to relamp all my stuff. Ouch.


I use protective sleeves on mine - not so much to protect them from being broken, which is difficult, but to contain the mess if they are damaged.



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Yes, It's really fragile especially with 4ft or more. I almost be a gaffer in the team, Look after this fragile stuff.


If you buy bulk of it. the price will go down as in Thailand here go as low as $120 per 10 tubes.


I've also look at some LED tubes but none of them offer quality light as I expected, Useless green cast and poor skin tone.

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The TLD-950 and TLD-930s are great tubes when filming in offices or anywhere you want to keep practical fluros on, but want don't want green/magenta casts. Have spend many hours swapping out domestic tubes for TLD950/930 tubes. They're a pretty nice match to kinos.


I wouldn't uses these day in-day out in kino fixtures, with kino balasts, as kino ballasts over drive the tubes(the kino tubes themselves are designed to be overdriven as opposed to a standard tube) and the rendering gets a little inconsistent once the tube gets hot. Also the fragility of the tube doesn't really lend itself to the wear and tear being used arround set.

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I use these.




I get the impression they're really intended to allow people to maintain standards required for food preparation areas - hence the blue - but they serve to avoid throwing glass and toxic chemicals everywhere if you break a tube.


They look tougher than they are - the plastic is very thin and you can compress the tube between a thumb and forefinger, so it's more about mess prevention than actually making the tubes tougher.


Yes, kino ballasts will make standard tubes emit more yellow.

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