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Christopher M Schmidt

Camera in back of pickup truck - unmanned - rigged for HWY speed

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So here is the shot.... I want to shoot toward the back of the cab in a pick up truck from the back of the pick ups bed. So the frame is basically seeing the driver and one passenger obscured through the back window and then seeing a bit around the Cab of the truck as well. so for further clarity the idea is to place the camera about 3ft off the bed of the truck near the rear of the bed centered shooting forward back toward the rear window of the trucks Cab.


My hope is to be able to rig this so it is safe for the truck to drive at HWY speed. We intend to have a static shot and obviously because of HWY speed the plan is to have the camera unmanned



this is a small documentary style shoot and we are traveling to location with gear. so my question is first how should this be done properly and secondly Is it possible to bring down the size of the rigging gear to be able to travel (on plane) wit the necessary tools to accomplish this.



The camera is a stripped down Red Scarlet (weight approx 7-8lbs with battery and lens)



The secondary question if it is deemed improbable to do this safely with a lighter load of gear we may just try to cheat the shot at slower speed with a heavy set of sticks and tie downs. anyone ever done anything like that ...recommendations?

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use an apple box with a hi-hat screwed to it, and strap it down to the bed of the truck with ratchet straps. Remember that if you have the camera mounted on a fluid head, its likely the frame will change while you drive, so you will need to lock the camera off in some way. A variety of methods out there.

A better way would be to use a rigging 4 way leveller, but that would involve additional gear.

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I've done this pretty successfully with the camera tripod-mounted, and the tripod secured down with straps, and 5 or 6 22lbs shotbags. You just want to make sure you pick as smooth a section of road as possible.

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Remember the bed of a pick/up truck is independent from the cab. This means bracing off to the cab is a very bad idea...


Very very important! Put a star on this.

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