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For Sale: Arri 16M, 16S (Super16 modified), Tobin TXM-22A (crystal) and Tobin TM-23 Motors

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I'm selling my 16mm Arriflex 16M camera with 3x 400' mags and variable speed motor. Camera was purchased from forum member Tim Carroll maybe 2-3 years ago if I remember right. I had it checked out by a technician and shot a registration test after I got it and it checked out fine. I like the 16M for it's hinged door, simple threading and gear-driven mags (as opposed to the 400' mags for the 16S which have their own separate torque motor).
Please see, I'm also selling a beautiful fiberglass blimp that will fit this camera, and crystal-sync motors.
I don't have a case for the camera but there is a case for the mags.
More pictures on flickr:
$400 O.B.O.
Consider this a listing for a great Tobin Crystal TXM-22 motor.
It comes with a camera, but just think of that as a bonus since the camera may not be worth a whole bunch. I've never shot with it, or with the included mags. I bought it off Craigslist from a DP/Operator on the other side of the country about a year or two ago and one technician who looked at it told me some of the design choices in converting this camera to S16 looked risky and shooting with it may not be worth the risk. I've heard this is one of two or three 16S cameras converted to S16/PL mount by Van Diemen in the UK. It seemed to run fine and the previous owner promised he shot lots of footage on it with no problems so maybe I'm just being paranoid.
But! It came with this awesome motor. I actually like it better than the final refinement, the TXM-22A, since the "A" model can't run in reverse.
Also included are two of the rare 200' mags for the 16S, although as I mentioned, I never tested them, so this is all "AS IS". There are also two 400' 16S mags. Each mag has it's own torque motor, and I was told by the person I bought these from that they've all been upgraded to be 12V compatible.
There is no case for the mags. The camera body case is a bit old looking but still latches closed firmly. The foam is a bit of a mess. No power cables or batteries or lenses are included.
More pictures on flickr:
For sale here is a TXM-22A, one of Tobin's last (newest) crystal motors ever made for the Arri 16S or 16M. Runs forwards only. Crystal speeds: 12, 20, 24, 25, 30, 40, 50 fps.

This was bought new directly from Tobin and has only been run to test a few of times.

More information from the Tobin website (a pdf download link)

More pictures on flickr:


Available for $400 O.B.O!

I'm also selling one of Tobin's last (newest) Variable Speed motors ever made for the Arri 16S or 16M. Runs forwards or reverse, 0-50 fps.

This was bought new directly from Tobin and has only been run to test a couple of times.

More information from the Tobin website (a pdf download link)
Available for only $200!!!
All of the above is available to see in Montebello, California through Tuesday 12/3. If that's too soon, I can coordinate another time for a relative of mine to show it to you since I'll be heading back out of town. For convenience, preference will be given if there is a buyer in the Los Angeles area who will pick up in person and pay cash.
Please send me a private message if interested in any of the above.
Thanks for looking!
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Hi Bjorn,


Sorry, I've just noticed your reply. I didn't see the "follow this topic" option when I created this. I've just sent you a message to follow up and checked the "follow this topic option".


I am still selling these items if anyone is interested.





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Hey Richard, haven't been on here in years. I see you still have this gear, and I see you are now an Industry Rep, who you working for?


Sent you a PM about the motor and the Franken-16S.




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Thanks for the interest! Replies sent.


I've been an industry rep for over eight years now. I'm a Camera Rental Agent, but I'm not here on the forum to represent my company. It was just the best descriptor for what I do... but I likely will be getting more involved just because cinematogrpahy is something that's always interested me. Maybe I'll change that descriptor so I don't need to worry about anything I write being interpreted as possibly representing my employer's views... I've been reading the forum for years.

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