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Mattias Norberg

Telecine DIY

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Thanks :)


in the video i use IC Capture 2.3 you can download it here



software called FireCapture works to you can download it here



in IC Capture 2.3 and FireCapture you have the option to enable trigger mode


the hardware and trigger

i use a hall sensor and i have a magnet glued inside the projector on the wheel so every time the wheel rotate and comes near the hall sensor it output 5v to the camera trigger


here is a picture of the wheel and hall sensor



here you can see the whole trigger cabel with hall sensor



here is a better picture of the hall sensor



here is the wiring diagram to build the trigger and i did copy it from here http://www.cine2digits.co.uk/


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So cool! Thanks for posting all the pictures. I was using a physical lever switch to trigger my scanner before, but I was planning to try out a light sensor with laser or led setup for the next version. The hall sensor is cool though, I might have to think about that.

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i have seen this video that they use laser sensor called sensopart PS-L4 i think





i did see in some other picture he have placed the laser sensor diagonally i guess it´s because for example let's say if you look out of a window and you stand much more on the other side of the window then the window is not so wide anymore :)

so i guess it get´s more accurate for the sensor to detect sprocket hole if the laser sensor hits the sprocket hole diagonally

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Yeah, the Muller was pretty much my inspiration from the beginning; the thing's a work of art! So that's why the laser was in my head. I got this of Amazon for $8 the other day, so I'll give that a shot. I'm not exactly sure if I'll use a laser and shoot it through a perf, or just mount it behind the shutter to let me know when the shutter's clear. I'll see once my new projector gets here. Fun to play with though!

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That's exactly what I did. Arduino+stepper motor. The arduino is so cool. Now I have it running the motor, the LEDs, the trigger, etc. I definitely encourage you to get one. And I had never used one before or programmed anything like that before, so its definitely doable. And it was actually a lot of fun and really rewarding getting that thing working.

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