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roberto de la torre

Lomo anamorphic focus system

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I´ve the 35mm T2.5 square front,looks awesome on BMPC but I can´t pull focus :(

Has the square front with his 35mm spherical,but when turn the focus rings,just move the anamorphic group and lose the alignment with the spherical lens.

Perhaps the mine missing some parts?


It looks like I´ve to get inside or outside the entire lens of the camera to get in focus each time. It´s frustrating!


How works yours?

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There are many different models of "square fronts" from the 60's to the 80's. This design is characterized by a spherical group that focuses in tandem with the anamorphic group (whereas neither of these groups move when focusing the so-called round fronts). Most square front variations seem to be based on mounting options for various cameras, but the earlier models could be separated into 2 pieces whereas the later models were 1 piece. The early models need a lot of attention to keep them calibrated.


Another issue is that there has been at least one seller who has recently been selling sub-standard condition lenses for premium prices in Los Angeles. I got bit and I'm willing to share my experiences with anyone who asks in a PM. You have to be really careful buying anamorphic glass and it's best to have a tech do a pre-buy inspection. Have the lens mounted on a projector and then take some test footage with it. Some sellers are really honest, others are looking for a quick buck. In any case, expect to have some kind of maintenance work done to any Soviet-era lens you buy.




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Hi Brandon,


I bought a few years ago on ebay,really cheap compared with the actual prices. I had no chance to test it yet until I bought the BMPC. Always used as adapter with others prime lens.

I guess is a 70´s one.


It´s a OCT-18 but have OCT-19 adapter,but still no know how works the mechanism of the spherical block with the anamorphic attachment. Well,I know how it works,but it no works and I don´t know why!

I spoke with Olex...waiting for his 2º response yet.


Any way,I really love this lens. I think is the most "Panavi$ion-like" that one can have. Really genuine,authentic...


Send you a PM


Thanks ;)

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Olex is your guy. I had correspondence with him about this. I have the earlier square-front model that is in two pieces, spherical and anamorphic. I had Bernie at Super16 service mine. They are sharp as can be, but heavy breathers on any rack focus. That said, Olex has mentioned to me that he has ways to ensure the two lenses focus in tandem. I would like to send him my lenses but I am concerned about shipping them. I shot test footage with them and they are great, but a pain in the butt to work with. I was alone during the tests and that didn't help. Keep me informed of any developments. Perhaps I'll fly to Ukraine and have them coupled in person!

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