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On Board Battery for SR; Does an Aaton Battery have same polarity?

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Hello Guys,

I am looking for an Arriflex SR on board Battery with holder;

Would an Aaton LTR on board Battery work on an SR for testing?

Would someone guide me, to where can I Find a cable made for Arriflex SR with the right polarity to use on a Cine 60 Belt, or on a standard 12v Bescor Battery.

Schematics are explained on John Fauer 16SR User Guide. However I'd rather try to find the cable already made.


Thank you all in advance!




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That looks like its just the power in for the video tap. The camera power input would be one of the three right below the magazine. The bescor should have the standard 4 Pin XLR input Pin 1(-)4(+)

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Thank you Rob,

Yes, I finally looked at the Aaton XTR Manual and the SR Guide, to confirm what you are saying; " 4 Pin XLR input Pin 1(-)4(+)"

So, if anybody wants to know: Yes, an Aaton on board battery has the same polarity of the ARRI SR.

I did try it on , just to test it running; it does work fine!


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