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Scott White

Need Advise for Super 8 Camera with varying FPS Settings

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Hello Everyone,


I'm sure you get requests for camera recommendations all the time, but I tried searching and did not find my particular question answered, so your help would be appreciated.


This summer I am working on a project across the US regarding analog technologies and I want to bring along a film camera (super 8 seems most affordable) to compliment my beloved Canon A-1 35mm SLR. I am looking for a camera that has various frame rate settings. I am hoping for a camera that can do fast-motion (~9 fps or less), slow-motion (~36 fps or more) and the standard 24 fps. I do a lot of timelapse work, so single frame is also requested, but it seems like this is standard on most super 8 camera's.


I have found a Canon 1014XL-S locally, but I wanted to see what other models would fit my criteria as I would like a slow-motion speed of more than 36 fps, ideally 54 fps.


I have also found a Beaulieu 2008 which seems to fit my criteria, but I am concerned about the battery type and my ability to charge an external battery pack on the project as I will be away from power for an extended period of time.


So, any suggestions on a camera with multiple FPS settings that wouldn't require special attention to update it?


Thank you,


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There are several models that will do 54 or even 70, but I would have them checked out before shooting at that speed. Try Duall in NYC for super 8 repair. The canon you found is one of the best. Use that.

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Thanks for your input Chris and Anthony. I jumped on the Canon 1014 XL-S and am very pleased with it so far. Everything seems to be working fine and I'm in the middle of my first test cartridge, but I'll take a look at Duall to send it off for a little upkeep.


Open shutter timed exposures are something I didn't consider, thanks for bringing that up Anthony. I'll look into the Nizo's when I plan on expanding my super8 collection.

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