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Jacques Koudstaal

Reflected light inside a room when a car drives past.

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Hi There,

I am shooting a scene next week where there is a person being held captive in a wooden shed. I would like to simulate a car driving past (parallel to the shed window) the shed so that you get bit of light and shadows that wipe through the window int. of the shed. It is a thriller film so I am looking to add some suspense.

I have spoken to the art director and they plan to put up a metal grid with planks of woods on the outside which will be the window, this means there will not be glass but rather gaps in the wood and steel.


Does anyone have any advise on how to achieve something like this? Is it as simple as getting the spark to pretend he is a car and get him to run up and down the yard with a 1,2 Compact HMI? Or should I mount 2 lights on a bar instead. I thought maybe one should lay a track so that movement is smoother but a little concerned about time.


Anyway, if anyone has done this before and has some advise I would appreciate the input.


Thank you:-)

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Depending the shot you can just pan the light across, it depend how sustained the effect needs to be. For a slow one we mounted the light on a doorway dolly. I know one DP swings a reflector for a softer look..


I suspect hand carrying could be rather wobbly, especially if running with it.

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Thanks Brian!

I do agree with the running of the light. Its not an option. I think the reflector or direct with a light will be some what smoother. I think the only problem with the light and reflector is that you don't get a change in perspective of the light. The only way to do that I am guessing is to have the light moving - i.e. a dolly.

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BTW You'll need to change to your full real name, it's one of the forum rules. It seems that you need to get Tim Tyler, the site owner, to do this.

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that light be illegal in some countries


Are you saying the fleckie is illegal in some countries? Do you know why?

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