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T Sanders

Schneider Kreuznach Xenon Arriflex Lens Won't Focus

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Let me start by saying I just got this Arriflex SR1 about a month ago. I'm a newb. I just got my first lens for it this week. I bought this Schneider Kreuznach Xenon 1:1,9 / 16 Arriflex lens and I can't get it to focus. The SR1 I have has a bayonet mount. The lens I bought is a standard mount. But I can see where there is a little slot in the back of the lens that the tab inside the lens mount slides into. So I got it on and just can't seem to get the thing to focus. I tried focusing from wide open to 5.6. It is better the more I stop down but still not really in focus. I move the little wings to adjust the distance and still no luck.


What am I doing wrong?


I have 6 bolex lenses for my bolexes and using those are a piece of cake and I've shot (and developed) 10 rolls of film with them so far.


The arriflex lens doesn't seem like rocket science but maybe I'm missing something or need to send the lens back.

Or maybe I'm not focusing the SR1 correctly. Should I focus the viewfinder without the lens first?








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Ahhhh I was searching for lens focus problems in general and didn't see that. Thanks Jean. I'll search better next time.

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Yes you need to be careful with old Standard mount 16mm format lenses on SRs; some will fit, others won't. Because the whole lens moves forward as you focus down from infinity, a lens set to close focus may fit but will then foul as you focus further away. Worst case it hits the mirror.


Don't bother with Cooke Kinetals on an SR, but certain Schneiders will fit. I have yet to work out what focal length/serial numbers work, except for the 10mm Cinegon which I believe needs to be above serial no 9861936. See:


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Thanks Dom. That lens I bought was teasing me. It looked like it was going to give me a great picture, but just gave me nothing but blur. :) I decided I'm going to save up a little more and buy a good bayonet mount lens or two for the SR1. I blew a lot of my stash on good Bolex lenses not too long ago.

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