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Mei Lewis

Films for the oculus rift

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Does anyone have experience or ideas on shooting for this new VR device?


Its primary usage when it's launched will probably be games, but it works as an 'output device' for video(or film) too, and at least one film is being made with it in mind.



The trailer doesn't work properly on my PC, it's just a wide angle lens you can slightly pan inside of.


Discussion with the director where they talk about a lot issues with filming without cuts and without framing


Also, this camera is a way to shoot for it (I think) but what are the options?:


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Thank you for sharing, Mei.


I had the pleasure of trying out the Oculus rift at Sundance this year.


You're right, this is going to be very popular as a game platform. They were showing trailers where you were inside a VR movie theatre. It was interesting as it feel like you were inside a theatre looking at a theatre size image. My problem with that is it's very anti-social. I don't like the idea of a whole family sitting in a room completely disconnected each other whilst watching a movie or tv.


That said, the games wouldn't be so bad as I imagine some kind of communication device will be developed so gamers can interact with each other through a mic whilst playing in co-operation or against each other.


The Beck concert was very interesting. The stage and audience where in the round with Beck in the middle and the musicians lining the back of the wall. There were 3 slowly rotating cameras to choose from. After being my own editor I found it very frustrating to watch the same video again later on Youtube as some stranger (the editor) took control of how I watched the concert. It didn't help that it was a very quick cut editing style. Whereas I took my time at each camera position to take in the show from each perspective.



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