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Karl Lee

Where to Find an Arriflex Price List from Late '90s or Early 2000s?

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Does anyone happen to know if/where I could find an Arriflex price list (for brand new equipment) from the late '90s or early 2000s? Out of curiosity, I'd like to find the original pricing for the SR3 Advanced and some of its accessories back in the day :)



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Just search for "arri price list 2006 pdf" it lists the Sr3 adv for 41.900 euro.

This is a topic that's driving me crazy in this biz. Manufactures refusing to have easy accessible price lists. When the Alexa came out it seemed to be a change in attitude with quiet a few complete PDF price list floating around out there, but now with the Alexa XT – NOTHING.


Just have a price list on your site for F-sake, and stop waiting everyone’s time. And don't get me started on film scanner manufacturers it's just plain ridicules.

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Price lists can easily become a source of trouble for digital media equipment manufacturers, as can what name is chosen every time a new model comes out. Back in the mid late 90's Avid jumped their NLE model numbers from the 20's to the 70's and over night the "value" of the 20 models dropped remarkably.


If you analyze pricing for a moment, you may realize that the price of the new gear just doesn't matter. If the new gear is priced similarly to the model it is replacing, than the new gear may be desired by all because its the same price, but the latest technology.


If the new gear is noticeably more expensive, than people may assume it must be a lot better than the previous version and renters and people who hire D.P.'s may insist on the newest, best gear, dropping the rental value of the prior generation of camera significantly.


I don't know if these rules apply to film equipment as much since the medium of 35mm is the actual star probably more so than the actual film camera.

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I have a Sep 2004 price list:


SR3 Advanced (camera only) for 36,800 Euros

Fiber screen for 1,030 Euros

400ft mags for 4,790 Euros

IVS for 10,630 Euros

Camera handgrip (right) for 560 Euros

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