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Lighting plan for 48hr challenge

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Hello folks!


I will be gaffering on a 48hr challenge this weekend and I would love to ask for some advice and critique for my lighting plan.

Thanks a lot!


Here is the location which is on the 1st floor.


Equipment we have: 2x1K floor par cans,1K VNSP,3x800 redheads,650w fresnel and 3x300 fresnels all tungsten.

Unfortunately we have 0 grip stuff,but I have some black rags and some muslin and scraps of gels.


I was planning to build a tent outside the window as good as I can without cstands or flags,than use the curtains which kill about 3-4 stops of lights to naturally flag the light of the white walls.


First question,given that I most likely won't be able to block daylight completely is it going to be an issue mixing the color temperature? Would it be a good idea to tape muslin to the window to make a uniform source or will the curtains do the work for me? I was also considering bouncing 1K par from outside into the ceiling to mimick the natural daylight but I am not sure if it is a good idea?

Any tips would be much appreciated! ;p


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I've had plenty of experience trying to light convincing day interiors with a small lighting kit and have found the best thing you can do is utilise what daylight is already coming in, just in a controlled fashion. I've never had the luxury of having a 12/18K to stick outside and with the time constraints of a 48 hour competition, you want to have a simple set up that works so you can move quickly.


Windows are your biggest enemy - chances are if you can't ND them, you're not going to have the lights to bring up the levels in the room to match. If possible, just avoid having them in frame as much as possible. This issue has always plagued low budget stuff like mine.


I'm assuming you have some dialogue taking place somewhere in the room, on the couch maybe? If so, do your best to move it away from the wall and create some depth - it will be much easier to light and look much better. Utilise the curtains as makeshift flags to cut the daylight and throw some muslin on the floor to bounce the daylight up. If this doesn't work, try the ceiling. If you've got a cloudy day and the sun is going in and out, you could maybe use a 1K gelled 1/2 CTB and bounce it.


I think it will end up being a balancing act between utilising what light is already there, augmenting that, and then dialling in your white balance. I am no seasoned professional, in fact, I'm pretty new to this but I've had past experience in similar circumstances so hope some of this is helpful.

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Thanks Josh!


We actually ended up using another room and even though I was able to maintain constant exposure the supplementary lighting we had was not enough for the punch I wished for.

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