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Ivan Mack

B&H Filmo 70 DA Jam

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I would say, without having watch the loops closely that that is probably the case based on how it seemed to have intermittent jamming problems on both occasions. Do you think this is a problem with the pulldown claw or user error on loading?

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If the pulldown claw was getting stuck somehow because the lubrication was bad, yes it could be the claw. I've seen the claw not go out and hit the perf all the way.

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The Filmo pulldown mechanism is very solid, I can't see any way the claw wouldn't protrude normally unless the whole front was loose. Certainly not due to bad lubricants, that would just slow things down.


I would say the most likely cause for that footage is an incorrect loop, or maybe something gumming up the film channel. The gate and pressure plate should be cleaned regularly.

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It's interesting you mention gumming up. Certainly the day of shooting the last roll,that's even worse than this, humidity was ridiculous. There was condensation on a lot of the kit. I've had jams before on this, my eyemo and on shutters in stills cameras when humidity has been high.

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Yea I mean Dom is 100% right and in my first comment I mentioned how robust the movement is on the Filmo. It's pretty much direct drive, there is a spinning disk with a cam. The pull down mechanism sits on the disk, which increases and decreases hight as the cam moves the pin up and down. It's a very simple design, but having experienced this assembly sticking before, I know it can happen. Unfortunately, it's been years since I worked on one, but mine was sticky.


The other and maybe more logical possibility I mentioned earlier is the pressure plate. That lever design is kinda weak sauce, I never liked it. The door is suppose to hold that assembly in place, but there is just enough gap for that assembly to sit back a tiny bit and hit the inside of the door. If the pressure plate had a tiny bit of play, it could easily allow the film to slip. However with that said, generally film that slips, will have a double exposure on it, where yours doesn't. This is why I first thought it was the lower loop yanking on the film.


Since you've used the camera a lot and only now seen this problem, one is to assume you know how to load it. Maybe I'm wrong about that assumption?

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