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1/2" Analog Tape to Digital Transfer Service?

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Hello. I am recording sound on a Nagra 4.2 for a film. It records on 1/2" tape and is crystal sync'd at 60hz. Being that I need to transfer the tape to digital format and need it to sync up with my 16mm film shot at 24fps and converted to 23.97fps for digital editing I need the analog tapes to be resolved so that there is lip sync. This requires the transfer have a resolver capable of this sync time (54.94hz, slowed down from 60hz).

Does anybody happen to know any labs that do this in the US?

I appreciate your time

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You need to use your full name, it's one of the forum rules, you'll need to contract Tim Tyler who owns the web site to make the change..


BTW A Nagra 4.2 uses 1/4" tape.

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To agonzales, you can go to any sound house and get your 1/4 transferred to WAV or AIFF files and they can transfer them to any speed you desire. Thats what Protools is for. Just tell the tech you want the audio to run at 23.97. Thats no problem.


I think your hardest problem is finding a sound house that still has 1/4 machines. But I'm sure you can you some type of sound studio that can help you. Try Magno Sound in NYC for starters.

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months late here on this topic....but I just signed up here.

when shooting film for video transfer.....shoot at 24 fps and sync it with the standard xtal lock rate for doing it on film at 24frames.

Transferring the film on a Rank ....the Rank will run at 23.97.....transfer the sound to prosound tools ....there's a button in the program to change the frame sample rate

and it will automatically pull the audio up to keep it in sync.

changing the frame rate when doing the original recording could cause multiple errors.


check with the film transfer house to make sure your handing them the track recorded at the proper rate.

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