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Anyone with experience shooting dialogue in a warehouse location?

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I was wondering if anyone here has any experience shooting dialogue on a warehouse location shoot? And if so, can you point out the challenges you had and how you solved them...


It isn't set in stone but the most affordable and accessible option for us right now is to rent a warehouse space and build the sets inside of it. I'm filming a 1940s film noir and building some basic interior sets. I'm assuming a warehouse will be a challenge for audio and I'm wondering if putting ceilings on the sets instead of leaving the sets with no ceilings would help. We'll also have a good supply of sound blankets.

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Hi There Brian,


Thank you for the input it's very helpful. So you've been able to get good quality audio in a warehouse?

I'm thinking of a removable, light weight ceiling covered in sound blankets for the dialogue areas.

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Yes, echo will be a pain. I recommend using a Hypercardioid instead of shotgun mic as well since the pickup pattern will be more forgiving. I, personally, use an AT4053b and it cuts a lot of echo. I am shooting some stuff in my garage which echoes (9 foot ceilings but probably not a bad as a warehouse) and the mic is fine.

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