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How to film a bird landing on Electrical Wires for Safety Video?

Jordan Watson

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Hey guys,

2 Questions:

1. I'm reviewing a storyboard that a client has sent me and they want a shot of a bird landing safely on electrical wires (telegraph poles). Should I get a VFX team to create an animation? or Is there an easier / cheaper way?

2. They also want a dead animal (sheep or horse) on the ground that has been electrocuted from the sub station. What's the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance!!

Jordan Watson

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Unless you know a location where birds regularly land on power cables everyday, you may have to animate it. The local power company or bird watching society may know of such a location. Filming wildlife material takes time, especially if you're after a particular behavior.


You should talk to your local big animal vets or dept of agriculture about obtaining a dead animal. A dead sheep sounds easier to handle than a larger animal like a horse or cow.

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I think you should get birds landing on power cables (not on high tension wires). The moment a bird connects with both the wires, they get electrocuted. Since most of the times they perch on one wire, it doesn't become a problem for them. In India, we often find common birds like crows, rock pigeons etc perched on wires in the cities.


Getting shot of an animal electrocuted would definitely be a challenge. May be VFX guys can do that.

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