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Keith Marley

Time lapse Canon 1014 xl-s

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Hi, new to the forum and have recently got back into using Super 8. I am awaiting delivery of a Canon 1014 xl-s and want to do some timelapse from day to night. How would I expose this correctly - would I set the meter to auto?

The film stock that I have is only a choice of 2 - 50D and 500T - would the 500T be horribly overexposed in the daytime or conversly would the 50D be underexposed for the night stuff?

I will be shooting across the roof tops of Nice, so the light should be very bright. Any tips would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

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The canon 1014-xls won't be the ideal camera IF you are trying to capture time-exposure for the nighttime portion. I would go with the 500 ASA film so you get more bang for your night time buck, the camera can handle 500 ASA during the day by stopping down to almost f-45.


However, you might get a decent result with the 50 ASA film by going with the slower shutter speed setting.

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Thank you A, so would I leave it on auto-exposure and hope that the camera reads it OK?

You don't want to use auto exposure on a timelapse because your exposure will be changing and be very noticeable on the film.. that doesn't look good at all. And there is no real way to transition from day to night or vice versa. Your best bet is to start in the daytime with 50D and lock your exposure. You will still capture the day/sky changing until you fade to black.

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One possible option would be to swap the cart of 50D with 500T after the sun goes down (keep the camera and focal lenght secure) reset your exposure for the 500T (most likely wide open with a 220 shutter) and then you can overlap the 2 films in post at the proper point. I have never tried this but it's probably your best bet.

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