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Rob Ine

Lighting setup for inteview

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Hi guys,


Would you guys mind giving me some feedback on this setup for a greenscreen interview:


800W arri with chimera softbox as a key

Lowel rifa light 650W as Fill

2 Dedolights 150W as backlights/kickers for the subject



2 Lowel 650W lighting the greensceen



Would this be a suitable kit for a one person interview and provide a even light for a good chroma key?


thanks for any help




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It's important to know a few more things about this. Namely, what camera are you planning to shoot this? And what will be on the greenscreen? Its imortant to know what the background will be in order to frame the foreground material in a pleasing way. The type of camera is important as well, since the higher quality camera will give more information to the editors who will be doing chroma key work.

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It will be shot on a canon7D. The background will be a backdrop curtain with a logo on it. Unfortunately we do not have access to this in the shoot otherwise it would make the process a lot easier.

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You're shooting RAW? I'm assuming.

I haven't shot on many DSLRs in my line of work, but the essentials of composite photography are the same. Now, these rules are based off of my knowledge of front and rear projection as well as traveling matte cinematography.


First, you need a nice even illumination of the greenscreen, which it sounds like you are perfectly capable of doing with the equiptment you have. Depending in the type of greenscreen you are using, the lighting will differ, but with the 7d and those lights you will have no problem getting a good exposure of the screen.


Another major point is the relation between the camera and the greenscreen, and the placement of the players in the foreground. The old rule is you want to keep 10-12 feet from the greenscreen to you principle subject in order for the modeling light to not cast a shadow on the greenscreen. This isnt as relevent today with digital technology has progressed, but its an important consideration nonetheless.


Also the level of illumination on the greenscreen and the quality of light is important in regards to the camera white balance. Be sure to balance out all of the color of the tungsten lights. I believe you want the same f-stop for both the greenscreen and the subject as well.

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