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Breaking In - cold call production companies?

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Sorry this is my 2nd post quickly here (new to the forum). I am kinda Mid level DP and I have been growing work with a few different production companies (commericals). I'm really looking to start working with more producers/production companies (would really like some MV's). I feel I have a pretty good reel right now and that people should be interested, but I'm a bit networking challenged I guess.


I'm aware obviously the best way to kinda get in is just via people you know well....IE a good realtionship with a director who is coming up (which I do have some of to) ....but none the less I'm trying to push forward myself a bit.


How are others expereinces cold contacting production companies and potential Job leads? any etiquette you follow? any suggestions for getting your reel to the right places

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Hey there,


Sounds like we're in a similar boat. I'm a young DP, have a decent reel, shot some projects and music videos that have gotten some press, represented by an agency, but I'm always trying to get more commercial work and get in with production companies.


I just check in every so often with production companies I'd like to work with, talk about what I'm working on, comment on the work I've seen of theirs, etc. It usually leads to the phrase "We'll keep you in mind." It sounds like they have their roster of DPs that they work with, and I'm just waiting for a chance that one of their DPs will be busy and I can fill in.


That being said, almost 100% of jobs I've ever got is because I know somebody or have some kind of rapport. I think the best thing to do is to just hang out with other people in film and get recommended.

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