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Chiyeung Lau

What does Chris Doyle mean by adding blue to enhance the whiteness of Asian faces?

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Hi guys,


Relative beginner here, I was wondering if you guys can help me with a question. I was watching a mini documentary about Christopher Doyle and he was discussing lighting Asian females. He discusses how white their skin actually is and how bluer light enhances their skin and makes them look a little whiter.


The link is here to the video:


Can anyone elaborate on this? Would this mean using more of a daylight source or gels or filters to add more of a blue tint to the light source?

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He is probably just applying the color theory of light where the complements of Red-Green-Blue is Cyan-Magenta-Yellow. Since asian skintone has a slight yellow component to it compared to caucasian skintone (at least, mine does!), adding a slight amount of blue light counteracts this and makes it more neutral.

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Well, a light blue gel in general will make skin look paler, that's only logical since blue is the opposite of the warm tones in skin. The recent AC article on "Malificent" mentioned that Angelina Jolie's close-ups were lit with a 1/4 CTB gel on the lamp to make her face paler.

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