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Marc Roessler

Service manual for 1970s Minolta Color Meter

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I just bought a 1970s made Minolta Color Meter off ebay (the one with the two rotating scales). It’s a beauty.

Does anybody have more detailed info on those? I found a manual as PDF but it’s not very service-centric. There are 11 (!) little trimpots under a service opening at the back, plus two or three more behind the silicon diode PCB. Tracing some of the wires I have an idea about the functions of 3 or 4 or the trimpots, but especially how the cyan/magenta balance is setup is still quite unclear to me.

Any input is very much welcome.


Kind regards,


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I don't have the information Marc is requesting, but I am wondering if the

time has now come for camera manufactures to start designing an board

tool in digital cameras to determine color temperatures on set.


Not sure how white balance circuitry achieves it's purpose, but it seems

that it wouldn't be too difficult to design a smarter circuit in camera that

measures color temperature of light falling on objects displayed in viewfinder.


A untethered probe could be built which would allow the DP or AC to take

these measurements in hand-held fashion. The signal could be sent

wirelessly from the probe to the camera for the on-board circuitry to



Does this sound feasible to those of you who are reading this and have

some knowledge of digital camera design?


-Jerry Murrel

Little Rock, AR

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