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John Burrows

Old Hanimex Zoom 8 Cine Projector

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I hope this my first post is in the correct place!.


I have been given an old Hanimex projector and have got it working, but the take up spool does not revolve for some unknown reason.


It has the belt attached but does not turn, everything else seems to be working fine and the pictures are ok, so I must be missing something.


Can anyone give me a clue please as I would really like to completely restore this old machine to fully working order.


Any information will be gratefully received.






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there are normally two problems with older projectors:

  1. Rubber belts have deteriorated. They now either turn to glue, break into small pieces or are too slippery to operate correctly.
  2. The take-up arm's friction clutch has deteriorated (as it's made of cork in some projectors). Hence the reel doesn't move even though the belts, motors, ... perform correctly.

The second problem is more a related to 16mm or larger. This is because the reels aren't that heavy for standard8/super8 and hence some (or even most) standard8/super8-projectors don't even have a friction clutch. Therefore I can't tell whether the second problem could occur with your projector. ;-)


BTW: Are you sure that all knobs, triggers, dials etc. are at the correct position? Some of the projectors do have a "film removal from path"- or "threading"-mode where some functions might be set to "idle"... ;-)


Good luck,


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Why not try asking on this forum... www.16mmfilmtalk.com


There'll be many more folk on there able to help with 8mm & 16mm film projection / equipment.


John S :rolleyes:

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Wow! thank you for the quick replies, brilliant.


The belts are fine, in fact they are the original coiled spring ones, although there is a spare rubber one in the box, there are a couple of knobs on the side that don't seem to do anything at all when turn either way, so could possibly be something to do with it.


Anyway thanks for the prompt advice I'll carry on experimenting.


John :unsure:

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