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Resolve: Workflow for 10 bit log DPX film scan to rec709?


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Hi guys,


I'm currently struggling with Resolve Lite.. my input is 10 bit log DPX from a 16mm film scan. The film has been over-exposed 1 stop (old stock, EXR100) to compensate for elevated base fog. I want to go to rec709 using Resolve.. but the results I get from Resolve look unbelievably ugly.


For comparison, I opened the DPX sequence using an old version of Pomfort Silverstack (that was still tailored towards DPX), using the Silverstack integrated Log-Lin 1.8 Gamma LUT. I use the R/G/B settings to "print the neg down" again to normal exposure. It looks very nice (see attached image).


Now I'm trying to pipe this through Resolve.. no matter what I do, the image always looks harsh and very un-organic (see attached image.. strange colors, apparent grain, strange highlight handling). It almost looks like a partly ENR'ed (bleach bypass) print! I tried using several different LUTs (the integrated ones as well as the print LUTs LC3DL_Kodak2383_log2hd_*.cube LUTS available here http://cbkmrks.blogspot.de/2013/01/download-free-davinci-resolve-film.html ..). I tried go get better results by spending lots of time grading the material, but I get nowhere near what I get from Silverstack out of the box (plus R/G/B adjustment), as you can see from the attached image. Unfortunately, their LUTs are not known.


How do you other guys approach this?


Kind regards,



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I know this is from a long while ago, I ended up stumbling upon this.
Here is my guess as to what is happening here. It all boils down to interpretation.
No matter if its resolve, nuke or AE, with a dpx, it first needs to be interpreted with the right dpx settings before applying any LUT, for rec709 and sRGB you shouldn’t have to apply any LUT unless you have a certain look you are going for outside of what was scanned to dpx. It should be interpreted with proper dpx curve to a rec709 or sRGB workflow. If you intended it for web or broadcast output.



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