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Alexander Boyd

Aaton XTR - LCD Display Malfunction?

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Hey there,


first of all, I'm a total beginner when it comes to shooting film, using film cameras. I bought an Aaton XTR off ebay (I know, risky!) with the intention of learning how to shoot film and eventually shooting more film.


So, considering I don't know much yet (I have a DP-friend who regularly shoots film), I encountered the following:


after plugging in the battery, the LCD display seems to malfunction. It keeps displaying some weird signs as opposed to proper numbers. Now I don't know if that's my fault (eg. if I'm doing anything wrong) or if it's the camera.


I'll have the camera serviced in a couple of weeks anyway, just wanted to check if I it might have to be repaired and if I have to expect to put an extra bunch of money into it.


Attached is a picture of the LCD display. Maybe one of you can help me out?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Alexander,


that doesn't look good. Have you checked the manual for operating instructions http://www.calstatela.edu/sites/default/files/tvf/equip/equipmentpdfs/xtrplus.pdf ? If you try different functions of the lcd (page 13 in the manual) does the output on the display look better?


By the way, if I may ask: I have noticed that you have been selling quite a lot of S16 film cameras and equipment (Arri SR2, Minima, now the Aaton accessories). Just wondering how come so many film cameras are going through your hands? :)

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Hi Heikki,


thanks for your answer. I did check out the manual. Lets say I turn on the camera and reset the camera the LCD displays what it should, but as soon as I press another button or a combination the numbers displayed become less and less comprehensible.


I sold the Arri for a befriended DP, the Minima was mine before I bought the XTR which I intend to keep - as long is functions properly, fingers crossed :p

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My guess would be that the LCD and/or the IC taking care of the display output needs to be replaced. How expensive that might be I unfortunately do not know.


Hopefully you can get it running, shooting film is fun! :)

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