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Daniel Muñoz Benavent

Exporting Super 16mm processed and telecined clip with premiere

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Hi pals,


First of all, sorry if this thread doesnt belong to here.


I have shooted my first can of 16mm Vision Color 3 50D, the lab told me that everything was ok but when I open the clip in Premiere some sort of digital noise appears.


The clip is telecined in HD 1080 422. And the funny thing is that when I export the media to 720 this digital noise kinda dissapears.


How can I export the clip maintaining the Full HD aspect and quality and get rid of the crispy digital noisy thing? Btw when I select correct attributes for the clip in the preexport window of premiere I can preview the clip with perfect quality, this is very confusing!!!


Please help!

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If you are watching the clip on an Apple computer monitor and not a real video monitor, you will need to adjust the gamma of your output. Some computer monitors have a different gamma than required for video and they show the blacks too bright causing very noisy dark greys instead of blacks.

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I saw an issue like this once, although it's unlikely to be the same problem. But if your lab happened to deliver your footage on a DVD, there will definitely be playback issues if you're trying to play directly off the disc. Copy to a hard drive first. If youre already playing off a hard drive, ignore this.

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For anyone reading this who experienced the sane issue, I havent been able to fix this withing the premiere export window options BUT when uploaded to VIMEO (with their encoder 720 process for the non premium members) the video appears to be ok....Not to the optimum levels I expected however.

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Pals, my mind was blown when I saw the footage in a friends computer, it was perfect and smooth.

This is very frustrating because I had seen it in both my PC and a colleages MAC, experimenting the same problem.....


However I will now proceed and move on, no more time to loose now that I know that everything is ok with the processed and telecined file.


Thanks for the help.

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HD 1080 422


This is the format you say it was transferred to - is this ProRes 422, or Uncompressed HD, or something else? In either case, the machine you play it back on will have an effect on the smoothness of playback. It's hard to tell from your original post what exactly the issue is, but if it's a matter of the file being too big (uncompressed) or processor-intensive (ProRes), you might get some break-up of the image on playback.


For Uncompressed, you need to play it back on a computer that has a RAID array that can move at least 300-400MB/Second, reliably, to guarantee smooth playback. This means it won't play smoothly off of a single drive, especially one that's connected via USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, or even eSATA.


For ProRes, the format is compressed, and requires the processor on the computer that's doing the playback to decode the image before it can be displayed. If you try to play it on an older machine (say, a G5 or an old iMac or laptop), or a computer without enough RAM, you will experience playback issues. Again, playback quality may vary from external drives. But you should be able to play a ProRes file smoothly from most external drives (Firewire, USB3, thunderbolt or eSata - but not USB or USB2), or an internal drive without requiring a RAID, if the computer was made in the past 5-6 years.


Converting to 720p, in either case, would eliminate most playback issues and allow you to smoothly play the files on more modest hardware simply because there's less data than with 1080p. That's why I think this is mostly a drive speed or processor issue on your computer.



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