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Baji Angarita

Up and Coming DP Would Like Second Opinion on my Demo Reel

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I'm 22 years old, I've been making films since I was 14, but it hasn't been until

just the last year that the level of productions I've been working on and my own

skill has really taken off. I've been ACing, Gripping, and Gaffing heavily for the past year

and DPing smaller micro-budget productions as well.


I just finished DPing my first feature length film, a microbudget feature about a group

of high school friends reuniting one last time to relive their glory days, a trite premise

but at this point I'm willing to get my hands on anything I can get. I'd like to share my

demo reels with you guys to get a better opinion of where I stand, what some of my

strengths are, what some of my weaknesses are, and how I can improve.


I'm open to any and every opinion, I respect the judgment of most of the filmmakers on

this forum. Please be frank guys.


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Nice images overall. The second shot was very soft. I would eliminate that. The cyan hues of the contruction site and the ocean were very nice. Some of the interiors were a tad grainy and looked like they could have used a bit more light.

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You've got some nice shots in there! I would put your best work up front - the day exterior dolly shots at the end from your feature and the guy in the hero suit stuff should be first. A lot of the random medium shots of people in the middle are filler and should be cut. If you have more nice close ups, use those instead. Ideally, focus on one or two nicely lit scenes and show coverage from them so producers and directors can see that you know how to shoot coverage that edits well.


While you build up your reel with solid completed projects, it's fine to just take nice shots from anything you have shot and make a montage. You can even go out and just shoot single shots, say magic hour landscapes, or slow motion sports action, as an exercise for your reel. Just make sure that every shot you use features an example of striking composition, dramatic lighting, and/or nice camera movement. If a shot is just meh, take it out.


Anyway, good luck! You're way ahead of most filmmakers your age so I'm sure you'll do great.

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