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daniel mahlknecht

AATON 35 (prototype?)

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I just bought an AATON 35mm Kamera, that might be a prototype, as I can not find anything specific on the camera...

It is not a AATON 35III and looks more like a AATON XTR actually.

Here are some pictures: http://www.ebay.it/itm/121425739156?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Does anyone know more on this camera?

Maybe also knows where to get a user manual?

Strange thing is also, that the claw movement seems not to be linked mecanically to the rewolving mirror, actually when the camera stops running, the mirror continues to turn until stoping in an arbitrary position. Maybe mirrior and filmtransport aresynced electronically? and the mirror continues to turn afretwards, because this way it was cheaper and easyier tu build?

My intention is to use the camera, and not for the shelf (actually I'm modifiig it for PL-mount)


I'm grateful for any help




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thanks for your response


All my reserch seems to confirm that it is a prototyp.

Serial number is 35/12 so maybe more units of this camera have been built, at least 12 maybe.

Size and weight is really close to the aaton ltr7 and this with a 400ft mag :) looks like this is the minima for 35mm.

The 200ft mag actually is neary as big as the 400ft, as it does not have the active displacemnet mecanism.

Unfortunately it will be difficult to get more informations on this camera...


I opened the camera up, and the mirror is really electronically synced, i can not really understand if it will stop in a random position when camera stops, or if it will be stopped by a magnete or something like this, as the camera actually is not really working...

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Thanks for your help.


Actually I already wrote to AATON, but no answer yet, probably this is really a prototype and thed don't know to much abouth this specific camera anymore.


It is quiet different than the AATON 35III


1. transportpin is on the oposite side as it is on the 35III

2. magnetic drive wheel for the mag is in an other position than on the 35III => mags are not compatible


I will post results if I should be able to fix the camera



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