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Matthew Modget

Jobo Super 8 processor

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This post from CatLABS on APUG.org:




mentions a Super 8 processing solution from Jobo as seen at Photokina 2014:


"Jobo unveiled a sleek Super8 processing solution, which is now in final R&D stages."


Whilst excellent results are certainly possible from the Lomo tanks, one of which I own, I do sometimes struggle with evenness of development and getting the chemicals to penetrate the film where it's touching the reel. So long as this new solution is a tank that fits the smaller Jobo units such as the CPE-2, this looks like very good news indeed!


A new camera, a new film processor and hopefully in a few days some new film from Ferrania, this is looking like a good year for Super 8. Now if someone could make a magic, one-shot liquid that dissolved rem-jet quickly and easily, I'll be a happy man.

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CatLABS of JP, distributor of Jobo analog products in the US and based in Boston, MA has confirmed that this new Super 8 processing drum called EXPERT will work on the smallest motorized JOBO processor called CPP3. Select older CPP2 machines will also work. Here is a picture of the new Super 8 drum form their Facebook page, i.e. http://tinyurl.com/othlk56

"CatLABS of JP: "As i wrote above - this Expert drum will fit all CPP/CPA and larger ATL machines. Please note that there were several production runs of the CPP2, and only the two latest models will be able to handle the load of this drum (SN 20001 and higher)"

The drum appears to be "sprocketless" and therefore applicable to single strand Regular/Standard/Double 8mm film. Quite impressive in this day age.

I concur, Matthew, that new Super 8 products may catalyse other film formats.

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The photokina was nice as I spent the best part of saturday but it had very little on show for silver-halide workers. It is very much a business to business fair. All kinds of obscure gear, print services, albums, frames, software etcetc


In this digital age they really need to run the show yearly rather than every two years.


I walked by the JOBO booth and didn't notice the S8 insidedrum. They were playing with it somewhere backstage? The booth was mostly packed with digital image frames and such. Good news that even think of ciné processing. Although I would be surprised if they manage to sell 500 pieces at all. Who knows though. Have they found the moulds for the Expert-drums themselves? Many important moulds were sold/destroyed after JOBO went bankrupt some years ago. That is why it took forever to get new CPP in production.


Only FOMA had a booth completely packed with silver materials. Ilford only had brochures and not even some real paper. The hand-out sample was a digital reproduction. Even Fotoimpex only had a very small booth and only some bottles of chemistry on display. They have booth only to shake hand and receive guests?


Kodak showing off a app for image enhancement. They used to have a floor of their own with all kinds of shows and demonstration going continuosly.


Fuji had plenty digital going on but did nicely with the Instax gear. Even new models and a on Instax printer for phone usage.

If only the packs weren't so expensive.


Things would be better if there were a hall(part) with analogue only.

Or a show on its own. Shorter and on a location nearby but of its own.

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