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Odd request, but here goes:


An upcoming script calls for the ability to record at least half-decent looking 720p at 24p for...3 hours straight, no cuts. One locked-off shot down a beach (powering everything is another question entirely) that has to just roll for 3 hours. This is not for timelapse: It needs to actually roll 24p for three hours continuously.


What sort of camera (plus external recorder, potentially) system might you aficionados recommend for a task like this one? I have a 7D at my disposal, but I figure that won't do me much good. Probably looking at something with at least SDI out, wonder if there's a way to go direct to some spinning disk array or something...


It's basically gonna be a parody of those YouTube videos that are just stock footage, like "3 Hours Tranquil Beach Waterfall Blue Skies," but in a dark demented sort of way.


Thanks for trying!



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Hmm I have access to a friend's p2 cam with dual media slots which I think are hot-swappable. Maybe I could borrow it from him and hot swap/dump continuously, at the risk of bumping the camera while monkeying with the cards. So there's a good freebie option. Thanks!


Renting a pix 240 might not be a bad way to go. Didn't know sound devices made non-sound devices, thanks Robert. I'm in the market for a picture monitor too, but maybe the pix is more for recording and engineering than aesthetic monitoring. But that's another topic. In any case: I'd rather use the recorder than try to hot-swap p2 cards, but this is a zero-budget thing, so maybe I'll schedule production around a good influx of receivables.


Thanks again gents!

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