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JB Earl

Arri std / bay adapted lenses?

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Are there any lenses available to fit through adapters for arri standard or bayonet mount, other than the usual cine xenon kinetal etc? I understand flange focal distance etc and have searched for adapters but can't find this sort of thing.

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sorry for the confusion. I have an Arriflex 16SB which takes either Arri standard or bayonet lenses. I'm wondering if there are other lenses that can easily be adapted to it. All the adapters I've noticed fit arri mount lens to other cameras. I'm looking for other lenses to the arri body. obviously the lenses would have to be longer FFD than 52mm (IIRC)

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Yes the flange depth is the problem, very few lenses can convert easily to the 52.00 mm Arri standard. BNCR or OCT 19 mount lenses can often be converted to PL, but due to their large diameters I'm not sure about converting them to Arri S or B. Possibly Pentaflex 16 lenses? I have an adapter that converts T mount stills lenses to PL, and I imagine one could be made up for the earlier Arri mounts, but that's about it.


Some lenses had removeable rears that allowed different mounts to be fitted, such as Angenieux's 5.9 mm or the various zooms by Cooke and Angenieux that used an intermediate mount, so sometimes one of these can be changed to Arri S or B. The 16mm format Zeiss Super Speeds can be changed from PL to Bayo, which some rental houses might offer. But essentially you're stuck with just using the many lenses that originally come in those first Arri mounts.

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thanks for the info. The t mount is an interesting idea. I remember there were lots of lenses back in the day, but their performance is probably not very good. I think tamron made t mount.

I was actually hoping some of the russian lenses would work so I'll look further into that.

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